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 As part of their Global expansion strategy, Les Georgettes were running an always-on campaign, with influencers to showcase their unique customisable range of jewellery. While they were getting the response they wanted from the influencers, their efforts were being diminished by the number of hours spent researching influencers.

In this case study we talk to Shona Creedon, Global PR & Social Media Manager at Les Georgettes by Altesse, to learn how the brand launched an international gifting campaign using ZINE's influencer marketing platform to reach an international audience, while improving efficiencies within their campaign process.  


“Consumers have a tendency to place more trust in peer recommendations as opposed to traditional forms of advertising. And brands such as ourselves have been adapting our marketing strategies to match this change in human behaviour. For us as a brand, influencer marketing is particularly beneficial as it showcases the endless possibilities of customising the jewellery” - Shona Creedon




Les Georgettes were spending a lot of time on influencer outreach, manually scrolling through Instagram. And even then they were unable to be sure that the influencers audience demographics matched their target audience. To scale their influencer marketing efforts, they would need a robust influencer marketing platform.

Les Georgettes started by trialling a number of influencer marketing platforms, but soon found few of them offered a complete solution – which they needed in order to run their campaigns more effectively. Having tried a number of technologies they selected ZINE.



“None of the other platforms we tried allowed us to manage the campaigns fully including the post campaign reporting, so this really helped ZINE stand out from the competition. We liked that ZINE gave us the possibility of working on campaigns across several countries for one flat rate, and that we could choose from different collaboration types such as paid, product or event - and that all of this could be managed from one platform.” - Shona Creedon



 “Once we selected influencers who seemed like a good match for the campaign, we sent out the invitations and within the first 30 mins we already had replies from influencers accepting the collaboration." - Shona Creedon  


When Les Georgettes were running their campaigns manually, they were only able to secure a small number of partnerships each month. As their efficiency had drastically improved, they were able to scale their campaigns. 

In just three short months, Les Georgettes established almost 250 partnerships with influencers (and counting), with a combined reach of well over four-million followers in over 10 markets. 

What's more, with the full audience demographics they receive on the ZINE media kits, they were able to ensure the influencers they targeted are the best matched.

In addition to the campaign helping Les Georgettes to grow the brand internationally, with so much great content generated the brand has been able to use much of the imagery on their own social channels and website.


“ZINE is a great marketing tool for contacting influencers and managing campaigns from start to finish, including the reporting. There are a lot of other platforms out there, but ZINE is the only one that offers the full package. It really has everything you need!”  

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