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 How Chili Used Influencer Marketing To Grow Their Brand

Starting out in Italy, the hot new movies-on-demand service Chili wanted to use influencer marketing as part of a wider strategy to increase awareness of their brand in the UK. At the same time, working with influencers could help them to generate content for their own channels, informing customers about the latest movies on offer.

To help with the launch Chili partnered with GA.Agency. In this influencer marketing case study, we speak to founder Guido Ampollini (founder), GA.Agency, who shares the strategy and results from the launch.
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Chili's Influencer Marketing StrategyChili 1-1

GA.Agency are a firm believer that commitment and authenticity are key ingredients for a successful influencer campaign. As such, he wanted to adopt an always on approach for a period of 5 months.

To ensure maximum engagement and breadth of reach, Chili would need a minimum reach of 400k per campaign. GA.Agency wanted to use a mixture of micro, mid tier and macro influencers, with whom he could build strong relationships with - and potentially use for multiple campaigns. 

“Authenticity and engagement are two key factors when trying to build a brand. Our primary focus was to engage the right influencers with the right audience who would be able to work on a creative brief and come up with something unique." - GA.Agency



The Campaign

The brief was to engage creative influencers with an artistic flair, with a view to using the content generated on Chili’s own social media channels and website.

Creativity was key for this campaign, with influencers being asked to dress up or reenact a scene from their favourite movie on Chili.

Influencers were able to pick any movie they liked and the creatively open brief got fantastic interest from influencers on ZINE. Hundreds of influencers were keen to participate - who doesn’t love a good dress up?

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Finding The Right InfluencersChili 2-1

As the brand was launching in a specific market (UK), GA.Agency wanted to ensure the influencer's follower demographics were the best fit. Using the search function of the ZINE influencer database, GA.Agency were able to create a shortlist of UK influencers with outstanding engagement, and most importantly who have a high percentage of UK-based followers.

Once they were happy with the data, the could narrow the list further ensuring the right balance between the data and content of the influencers. 

 “As we were launching in a new market, we needed to be really specific about the influencer, but also particular their audience demographics. We started our search by narrowing down certain criteria, like % of the audience based in the UK." - GA.Agency

In what would typically take days, GA.Agency were able to curate a list of highly relevant influencers in minutes - all backed up by real Instagram data!

Creativity played a huge part of the campaign ethos, so getting the campaign brief right was key, explained GA.Agency. They needed to ensure their expectations were clear, however the influencers had enough freedom to be creative. As ZINE quality checks influencers who sign up, it gave GA.Agency the confidence to allow influencers to set their own rules! 

“It was really important that we struck the right balance between getting the (follower) data right, and ensuring creativity. As we were also working on an ongoing campaign with multiple influencers, it was really important to us that we kept all the information about the campaigns in one centralised place. It would have been impossible to do it all without ZINE.” - GA.Agency


The Content StrategyChili 7

The strategy was to be 'always on' but trial and test different variations of the brief, including competitions and stories. The digital campaign briefs were set up on the ZINE platform in minutes, and the standardised template made sure key campaign details and legal requirements were not missed when GA.Agency reached out to influencers.

As ZINE integrates with email, all conversations were stored so the client got full visibility across the campaign.

GA.Agency stressed that the best way to leverage influencer content is to use it for your own channels – so timing was key. As the content started going live, GA.Agency were notified by ZINE automatically and was able to engage with influencers content right away. It helped him to build good relationships with the influencers, many of which he went on to secure for subsequent campaigns.


The Results

As content started to go live, GA.Agency could look at campaign performance indicators. As well as overall program metrics including the number of influencers activated, potential reach projected budget etc. GA.Agency aligned goal specific metrics to assess the overall performance of the campaign, the core aim of which was to increase brand awareness and movies downloaded. The metrics included: engagement, new followers on Chili’s own channels, downloads for the specific films promoted.

 Chili Stats



“The live campaign reporting meant I could update the client at any point, rather than having to wait for feedback. It was also really useful to see the best performing content so we could prioritise content used for Chili’s social.” - GA.Agency





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