How O'Wow used influencer marketing to grow their brand - powered by ZINE's Influencer Marketing Platform


Revolutionary brand O’Wow wanted to raise awareness for the launch of their new product.

Georgiana Grudinschi, CEO of O’Wow approached ZINE to help draw attention to the brand’s at-home smoothing treatment. Being one of the first products of its kind in the market it was important for her to not only gain interest but to also trust from her target market. Using the ZINE platform, O’Wow managed a campaign in the UK and following it's huge success, expanded across various countries in a matter of days!  

UK Based innovative brand O’Wow, provides healthy and safe home treatments as alternatives to the chemical-rich salon hair treatments. With such a brand new concept, gaining trust from an audience was key, so taking advantage of the influencer space seemed perfect. It’s well known that influencers have very targeted audiences - over time they’ve proved themselves as thought leaders in their industries and grown their audience. By being selective about which brands they promote, they’ve gained their followers trust when it comes to recommendations. 


  “We started using ZINE as soon as we launched our online store. From the very beginning we had decided that we wanted to integrate influencer marketing in our marketing strategy as the product is something that needs demonstration and customer education - what would be better than having influencers with engaged audience do that for us.”




From sourcing influencers and engaging with them, to negotiating deliverables, approving content and tracking results, O’Wow used ZINE in all its glory. O’Wow used the platform’s filters to identify influencers that matched their requirements. Their decision to approach both macro and micro-influencers allowed them to reach a huge, yet very targeted audience, with the majority showing immense interest in hair and beauty. O'Wow offered influencers a free product in exchange for promotion on instagram. 

  “For us the most important criteria was that the platform is an actual marketplace and not only an influencer search engine - ZINE combines these two features amazingly. We wanted to be able to handle all the communication on the platform from start to end of the campaign. Also, we wanted to have support available at all times. ZINE didn’t disappoint us at any time. We invited over 400 influencers to join our contra product campaign and in the end we worked with over 60 influencers, most of them micro but also a few macro. With this influencer push we managed to raise our brand awareness and visibility significantly.”



O’Wow generated diverse content from influencers who used the kit and were not at all shy to shout about the unbelievable results. Published influencer content varied from Instagram stories educating followers about how to use the product; on-feed flat lays; and before and after results. Some influencers even exceeded the minimum content requirements and tagged the brand in more than the agreed amount of posts. As each influencer posted, O’Wow saw real-time analytics highlighting how the posts performed through ZINE’s live reporting tool.  


 Within the first 30 minutes of reaching out to 438 influencers via the platform, O’Wow quickly received positive responses from influencers happy to collaborate and create content for the campaign.  


Everything is so simple and works smoothly. First we created a campaign, then searched for potential influencers we would like to collaborate with and then we contacted all the shortlisted influencers with only one click. What would have taken us normally a few full-time weeks took us only a half work day. Given the fact that we are a just recently launched brand with a very limited marketing budget it was great that we managed to find so many influencers that were willing to work on contra product basis.”

-Georgiana Grudinschi, CEO



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