The Best Influencer Marketing Reports from ZINE

The latest and greatest influencer marketing reports. Everything you need to build & maintain a successful strategy

Black Friday: Working with Influencers

2020 Report

We surveyed 200 influencers to find out how and when to advertise black Friday deals to their audiences. Get unique insights to promotion strategies that influencers have tried and tested over the years. Understand the supply and demand dynamics around Black Friday influencer posts and plan your influencer campaign with key tactics in mind.

Brand ambassador playbook

2020 Report

In this report, we highlight actionable strategies real brands use to launch and grow their ambassador programmes. These strategies aren't just theory, or cookie cutter ideals, they work right now; and are applicable for small, medium and large brands.

Influencer Marketing in the Health and Fitness Industry

2020 Report

We reverse-engineered the strategy of over 40 health and fitness brands to understand how they utilise influencer marketing to grow their brand and generate sales. We highlight what’s currently working and what brands like yours should consider before launching your own influencer marketing campaigns to drive business success.

Impact of paid spend on influencer content


We show how using influencer content with paid media spend solves influencer marketing challenges. These include the search for the perfect audience match, the longevity of influencer content and paid social ad fatigue. Partnering with an established brand and four creative influencers, we highlight a complete and quantifiable picture of the benefits of influencer post boosting by testing two possible paid social strategies using influencer content.

Influencer Marketing in The Food and Drink Industry

2020 Report

We reverse-engineered the strategy of over 40 food and beverage brands to understand how they utilise influencer marketing to grow their brand and generate sales. We also compiled a list of what’s currently working and what brands like yours should consider before launching your own influencer marketing campaigns to drive business success.


ZINE Hamper Giveaway


ZINE ran a giveaway with seven brands and our influencer database to elevate the brand's presence during Christmas.

Discover how we were able to increase reach, grow followings and attract much needed attention.

The State of Influencer Marketing


It's 2020 and influencer marketing is nearing maturity, with new and established brands discovering novel ways to work with influencers across their entire marketing strategy.

But what else should we expect to see this year?




Revolutionary brand O’Wow wanted to raise awareness for the launch of their new product. Georgiana Grudinschi, CEO of O’Wow approached ZINE to help draw attention to the brand’s at-home smoothing treatment. Being one of the first products of its kind in the market it was important for her to not only gain interest but to also trust from her target market. Using the ZINE platform, O’Wow managed a campaign in the UK and following its huge success, expanded across various countries in a matter of days. Keep reading to find out how...



For their Christmas campaign #WonderAwaits, Godiva wanted to build awareness for their brand in the UK and meet the content demands of the social media landscape with the ultimate aim of capturing true emotions and indulgence with their product.

With half a tonne of the finest Godiva chocolate, they looked to engage over 500 micro influencers. See just how they did it

Instagram Hiding Likes: The Results

ZINE Report

Instagram decided to hide likes in a bid to make the platform less of a competition and more of a place to build quality connections while sharing content you enjoy. But what does this mean for influencer marketing? We tracked roughly 684,000 influencers’ post to assess the impact hiding likes had on their engagement.

What's Next For Influencer Marketing?

2019 Report

By 2022 influencer marketing is forecasted to be worth a whooping $10bn. But in light of all the bad press, fake follower fraud and ASA fines, we wanted to find out what's next for influencer marketing. So we surveyed over 1000 influencers and 200 brands and agencies to investigate where influencer marketing is headed. 

Les Georgettes By Altesse

Case Study

In just 3 short months, Les Georgettes by Altesse established over 200 partnerships with influencers reaching over 4 million consumers in 10 markets. Learn how they used influencer marketing to grow the brands international presence. In this influencer marketing case study we speak to Shona Creedon, Global PR & Social Media Manager at Les Georgettes, who she takes us through the strategy behind this clever gifting campaign!

Your First Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer Marketing 101

As ZINE has been working directly with influencers for over 3 years now we have learnt a thing or two. And to give you a helping hand we have put together the ultimate guide to influencer marketing. It covers literally everything you need to know ahead of launching your first killer influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer Marketing Science Strategy & Success

2018 Report

We surveyed 1000 influencer and 1300 consumers to understand how influencer marketing campaigns are being executed, and how consumers perspective sponsored posts. We then examine the data side of influencer marketing, the strategy behind campaigns, and how you can measure the success of collaborations. 

Influencer Marketing Framework

2018 Report

Through using both the insights from our research and our experience of managing influencer campaigns for brands, this 'Influencer Marketing Framework' serves as a practical guide to help to help you run campaigns more strategically. From influencer selection to drafting content guidelines to measurement.

Budgeting Influencer Marketing Campaigns


In this influencer marketing how-to guide from ZINE, we give you a step by step into budgeting your influencer marketing campaigns. Use this guide to establish the number of influencers you should be using, through to the formulas that will help you work out the cost of your campaigns. 


How to Spot Fake Followers


How To Guide from ZINE we explain the nuances of bots, fake accounts and paid for engagements. We then show you how to spot this suspicious activity, with or without the use of technology like ZINE. 


How To Create Campaign Guidelines


In this influencer marketing 'How-To' guide from ZINE, we take you through how to create campaign guidelines. In this step by step guide, we share how to create an influencer brief, and examine the common pitfalls of over-prescribed content guidelines.

All Together Now (ATN Agency)


In this case study, we look at how agency All Together Now (ATN) used ZINE influencer marketing technology to take the manual labour out of their campaigns while achieving great engagement on the launch of a brand new mobile network.