Learn how Godiva distributed half a tonne of it's delicious chocolate to over 500 content creators.


Godiva wanted to raise awareness for their brand using micro influencers and simultaneously develop an efficient content generation strategy during the Christmas period for their campaign #WonderAwaits.

Among the world’s leading luxury chocolatiers, Godiva continues to build its 'worldwide presence and footprint through expanding with new creations'. But for their Christmas campaign #WonderAwaits, they wanted to build awareness for their brand in the UK and at the same time meet the content demands of the social media landscape with the ultimate aim of capturing true emotions and indulgence with their product.

With half a tonne of the finest Godiva chocolate, they looked to engage over 500 micro influencers and inspire them to share a Godiva moment with friends and family.



Source, contact and contract 500 micro influencers

Wrap & ship 500 parcels of chocolate to 500 influencers across the UK

Track and report 500 influencer social channels for content as and when it goes live - including stories

Ensure adherence to ASA guidelines for content including gifted products - if they chose to post (posting was not required as per campaign brief)

Budget: 500kg of the finest Godiva chocolate

Campaign dates: 11th October - 11th November




Once the campaign was set up, it was published to ZINE's Brand Catalogue allowing influencers to apply to take part. In addition, ZINE's campaign executives reached out to supplementary influencers on the platform. This process involved filtering our database, tagging suitable profiles with 'Godiva', bulk adding influencers to the campaign and reaching out by sending a single message to all influencers with just one click. 


Step 1: Outreach

ZINE reached out to over 2,000 influencers within just a few days, with a combined reach of over 20 million followers. 


Step 2: Pick your favourites

With an overwhelming positive response to the campaign outreach, we were able to pick the best influencers for this campaign.  The selection criteria:

Audience Demographics - a quick peak at the influencers' Media Kits allowed us to vet them in seconds.

Creativity - a lovely pitch on how the influencer would share their 1kg of chocolate with friends and family went a long way when looking through influencer applications

Audience size and Engagement - we were determined to show just how far you could get with chocolate in influencer marketing, so a large AND engaged following took priority


Step 3: Confirm influencers & collect shipping addresses

Luckily, the platform automatically asks influencers for their shipping address when sending a collaboration request - exporting the addresses to print shipping labels was done in just a few clicks.

Campaign status 17th October:

5.6 million combined audience 

496 Influencers confirmed

Over 1,000 influencers interested in taking part





Godiva chocolate was literally the gift that kept on giving! Despite there being no requirement to post in exchange for the box of chocolate, pretty much all influencers opted for at least one unboxing story and most dedicated a full on feed post to their gift - with friends, family, children and even strangers on the streets of London. Wonders awaited every day with new content going live long after the final campaign date as influencers worked through their massive parcel of chocolate throughout November and December.

Through live tracking via the platform, our team didn't miss a single post and engaged with content as and when it went live. The inbuilt ASA compliance tool ensured any missing disclosure was flagged and corrected immediately. 



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