One ZINE giveaway, seven brands & thousands of excited consumers

During the run up to Christmas, we decided to run a giveaway by collaborating with seven very unique brands and our huge influencer database. The results were astounding, brands grew their own social following, awareness and managed to hit their yearly revenue targets without barely lifting a finger. 


Elevating the social presence of brands in the run-up to Christmas

ZINE’s propriety software allows brands to work with influencers of all sizes, across a range of campaign types. 

For many brands, acquiring and capturing new audiences’ attention is challenging. With consumers attention stretched far and wide - it’s never been more difficult to capture and retain an engaged audience.

For online brands, the run-up to Christmas is pivotal for driving additional sales to hit yearly revenue targets. Brands seek new, innovative solutions to get consumers excited about their products, discover new audiences and increase their social presence.



A social-first, influencer-driven hamper giveaway

We worked with a number of brands who wanted to increase their social media presence and create a hamper as a prize for a competition.

Prior to the launch of the exciting competition, we sent an email campaign

to our database of over 10,000 UK-based influencers to generate initial excitement and anticipation.

Utilising our in-house design team, we were able to design and create bespoke images of the entire hamper as well as individual promotional assets for each individual brand. Over the course of just two-weeks, ZINE generated awareness for the hamper giveaway as a whole as well as for the individual brands. 

In order to be eligible to win the hamper, influencers and their followers had to follow all seven brands featured. For maximum results, we featured the giveaway and the seven brands on our Instagram feed and within our Instagram stories multiple times throughout the campaign duration.

ZINE handled the entire process from creating the giveaway, contacting influencers, promoting the giveaway and fulfilling the hampers for the winners. The seven chosen brands simply needed to ensure their products arrived with us in time for promotion and dispatch. Brands were involved in the process from start to finish and full results were provided after the after the competition had ended.


New call-to-action



Increased brand awareness, followers & a newly engaged audience for all seven brands

Each brand who took part in our giveaway saw a sizeable increase in followers during the campaign as well as generating increased exposure to new audiences. (UPLIFT ADD PERCENTAGES)

As a result of the competition giveaway, each brand was featured in an unboxing video where the winners went through each of the products and tagged the mentioned brands accordingly. Participating brands had access to bespoke Instagram story content created by our in-house design-team they could use elsewhere.

Following the outstanding results of the giveaway, the brands have gone on to utilise the ZINE platform to run additional campaigns. They are finding success working with influencers as part of a wider marketing strategy.





Combined follower increase


Total follower increase





Increasing the social presence of seven emerging brands

ZINE chose to work with seven brands for this campaign. Brands were chosen based on product quality, current marketing initiatives and their expected consumer perception.

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