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 How All Together Now Reduced Time Spent on Influencer Research With Zine

AllTogetherNow (ATN) is a unique, full-service agency delivering exceptional creative production, social strategy, media-buying and exclusive analytics solutions in one, unified, responsive team. They shape their capabilities around individual brand needs to deliver brilliant creative solutions and true content marketing ROI.

ATN were spending weeks researching influencers for their campaigns, and hours manually putting together proposal decks. As a progressive business they wanted to use the power of technology to cut out the manual labour so they could spend more time creating magical campaigns for their clients. They decided to use ZINE’s influencer marketing technology to run their influencer marketing campaign, and found that in doing so they managed to deliver an entire campaign end-to-end in just a week.


93% increased reach 

84% increased engagement

0.5% increase in followers across all social networks

UK Market


Cutting Out The Manual Labour Of Influencer Marketing with ZINE

Tasked with launching a comms clients new sim offering, ATN needed to run an influencer marketing campaign that would support the wider launch strategy. They needed to recruit mid-tier influencers to support the launch concept and drive brand engagement.

Before using ZINE, ATN were spending weeks researching influencers and manually calculating their overall influence and potential campaign impact. It was particularly difficult to compare and verify influencers and audiences. ATN had tried a number of influencer marketing technologies but the search functions were not always accurate which meant more wasted time.


In their pre-ZINE routine, once they had spent time researching and calculating they would then have to collate all their email correspondences, stats and calculations into a deck to share with both their internal team members and clients.

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They wanted to spend more time with their client producing creative concepts to support the product launch. This meant they needed to condense the time it would take to get the influencers on board and campaigns signed off, without compromising the quality achieved when they did everything manually. They also wanted to enlist the help of influencer marketing experts who could support their campaign and provide strategic guidance.


"I recommend ZINE for its ease of use, having everything on one platform, and also the support."


How Zine Helped
altogether now agency

ATN were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get started with ZINE, and in comparison to the tools they had used previously found the advanced search features very useful says ATN Account Manager Jessica Shearing. Paired with the campaigns feature, they found much of the sourcing leg-work was successfully removed.

ATN then got started with building their campaign in the ZINE platform. They loved being able to add the chosen influencers to their ZINE campaign which included their guidelines and specified the channels they wanted their influencers to use. From there it was easy to contact influencers with tailored messages rather than having to email each influencer one by one, copying and pasting the relevant guidelines.

In their ZINE campaign, ATN held all their influencer data, stats, correspondences with the influencers and guidelines they wanted their influencers to follow, which they were able to share with their client as a beautiful digital proposal.

As all their campaign data and communications was stored in one place, it meant even when Jess went on holiday, her colleagues were able to view the entire history of the partnership and pick up the conversation with the influencers so the campaigns ran effectively without interruption.


The Results

ATN found that through running their campaign with ZINE, not only were they able to obtain a 95% increase in reach, and a 84% increase in engagement they also saved hours of research and manually updating decks to share. As a company, ATN are committed to making ‘magic with machines’- using technology to influence and aid their creativity. ZINE helped them to better achieve this company goal, as it allowed them to speed up their processes. 

“I would recommend ZINE for its ease of use; having everything in one place, with it all looking so good you can send it to the client if you want to. Being able to manage everything in one platform, and also the support you get of being able to email over and say ‘I need some help with my project’ or ‘Can you get me 10 influencers of this calibre’. Then it’s all there nicely packaged up and ready to send.”- ATN



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