The Best Influencer Marketing Reports from ZINE

The latest and greatest influencer marketing reports. Everything you need to build & maintain a successful strategy

Influencer Marketing Science Strategy & Success

2018 Report

We surveyed 1000 influencer and 1300 consumers to understand how influencer marketing campaigns are being executed, and how consumers perspective sponsored posts. We then examine the data side of influencer marketing, the strategy behind campaigns, and how you can measure the success of collaborations. 

Influencer Marketing Framework

2018 Report

Through using both the insights from our research and our experience of managing influencer campaigns for brands, this 'Influencer Marketing Framework' serves as a practical guide to help to help you run campaigns more strategically. From influencer selection to drafting content guidelines to measurement.

Budgeting Influencer Marketing Campaigns


In this influencer marketing how-to guide from ZINE, we give you a step by step into budgeting your influencer marketing campaigns. Use this guide to establish the number of influencers you should be using, through to the formulas that will help you work out the cost of your campaigns. 


How to Spot Fake Followers


How To Guide from ZINE we explain the nuances of bots, fake accounts and paid for engagements. We then show you how to spot this suspicious activity, with or without the use of technology like ZINE. 


How To Create Campaign Guidelines


In this influencer marketing 'How-To' guide from ZINE, we take you through how to create campaign guidelines. In this step by step guide, we share how to create an influencer brief, and examine the common pitfalls of over-prescribed content guidelines.

Elena Sandor - Eat, Wear, Travel


We delve behind the influencer scenes in the ZINE influencer series. For this instalment, we caught up with Elena Sandor of Eat - Wear - Travel to understand how and why she got started, advice for brands working with influencers and her top free tools.

All Together Now (ATN Agency)


In this case study, we look at how agency All Together Now (ATN) used ZINE influencer marketing technology to take the manual labour out of their campaigns while achieving great engagement on the launch of a brand new mobile network.